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Lois I. Roden



–Jimmy Allen

President, Southern Baptist Radio-TV Commission

President Reagan's Envoy Enter the Vatican
President Reagan's "envoy" enters the Vatican



Baptist Standard

Editorial, Feb. 25, 1981

"Are Americans tired of maintaining the tension to preserve the principle of separation of church and state? Could it be that some...have become indifferent to the principle of separation of church and state by mouthing the half-hearted conviction of 'I believe in the separation of church and state, BUT ...?" lbid.

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"The appointment of William A. Wilson by President Reagan to be his personal representative to the Vatican in Rome is a disappointment – both in the action of the president and in the meek reaction of protest to the appointment.

"It was hoped that President Reagan would reverse a trend established by Presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Nixon, Ford and Carter in appointing a special envoy to the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.

"And headquarters to the Catholic Church it is. The Vatican, with a land area of less than one square mile in Rome, claims to be a state; but the Vatican primarily is a church. Thus the appointment of Wilson by President Reagan to the Vatican is significantly the appointment of a personal representative of the president of the United States to a church.

"Yes, the Pope is the head of the Vatican State; but he is first the head of the Roman Catholic Church. And yes, the presidential envoy is carefully interpreted not to be an ambassador which would require U.S. Senate approval.

"But the practice which President Reagan has chosen to continue in appointing a personal representative to the Vatican is a violation of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state. Apparently this practice was considered more of a violation in other years.

"When President Roosevelt appointed Myron C. Taylor in 1939 as the first Vatican envoy there was a LOUD PROTEST. When Harry Truman attempted to appoint a successor to Taylor in 1951, there was such an UPROAR from lovers of religious liberty that the spot was left unfilled for 20 years with Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson all leaving the post open.

"In spite of strong objections, Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter maintained personal representatives to the Vatican. Now President Reagan has chosen to single out one church, the Roman Catholic Church, and appoint a personal representative to that church.

"BUT PROTESTS? Church-state organizations such as Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs have reacted with protests to the president.

"But at best, protests other than from those who are expected to respond, have been SCATTERED, TAME, AND MILD.

"What would have been the reaction of both Catholics and Baptists if President Reagan had appointed a personal representative to Bailey Smith, president of the Southern Baptist Convention [or the leader of any other Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Moslem body]?

"Are Americans tired of maintaining.. .the principle of separation of church and state? Could it be that some Southern Baptists have become indifferent...?



"The evangelical Christian political movement is bad for both religion and government, according to speakers at the 33rd national Conference and Legal Seminar....Dr. William Self, a Southern Baptist pastor from Atlanta, told the conference banquet that 'those who have benefitted the most from religious liberty-evangelicals-are trying to stampede the American voter and turn back

p. 2

the clock on the issue of separation of church and state in the 20th century. If this stampede is created, history teaches us that in every situation where there has been a loss of religious liberty, the clerics oppressed the people and a strong anti-clerical reaction results.... Hopefully, if enough people speak [protest – PROTESTANTS], if religious liberty can be highlighted effectively, the weight of public opinion will rise up and stop the stampede.' Self said America is 'ripe for totalitarianism' [spiritual dictatorship] because people are uncomfortable with the ethical vacuum left by the social upheavals of the 1960's. The church should respond with evangelism and missions, he said, and not with an alliance with political power brokers.

"Joining Self ...Dr. Jimmy Allen .... predicted that the movement will fail and urged a renewal of commitment to the Founding Fathers' vision of church-state separation. 'While today, is 'don't panic day',' he said, 'it is also 'don't go to sleep day'.' Dunn, recently named to head the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs....[said] 'What they want is a theocracy [union of church and state, like Rome] ." Church and State, November 1980, pp. 10, 11.

moral majority

"I am as scared of an evangelical power bloc as I am of any other. Worldly power in religious hands – Islamic or Christian – has hardened into more than one inquisition. That God has delivered us from the hands of zealous but misguided saints is all that has saved us at times." Stan Mooneyham

"What they [the Christian Right] do not have the right to do is to label their political solutions as the Christian answer and reject as un-Christian those who address the problem's solution in another way." Dr. Jimmy Allen

"The Churches in America should not use their members as political pressure groups to get special ecclesiastical privileges for themselves as against other religious bodies. They should not seek legislation...which interferes with the religious liberty of minorities and they should 'be thankful that the courts stand guard at this point."–John C. Bennett, Christians and the State.


"The essentials of the Catholic plan for America, and for all nations, are self-evident in Papal encyclicals and the Canon Law [which state, 'The absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of liberty of conscience are a most pestilential error – a pest, of all others, most to be dreaded in a state.' Pope Pius IX, Encyclical Letter, August 15, 1854] ....The Catholic hierarchy proposes to realize the Catholic plan for infiltrating and penetrating non-

p. 3

Catholic organizations with...Catholic laymen who will act as soldiers and missionaries for the church [135 Catholics majority in Congress]....working for a totally Catholic civilization – political, medical, cultural, economic and religious....'Catholic Action itself,' says The Catholic Action Manual, 'is an army involved in a holy war for religion." American Freedom and Catholic Power, pp. 270, 271. "All Catholics are bound endeavor to bring back ALL CIVIL SOCIETY TO THE PATTERN AND FORM OF CATHOLICITY [union of church and state]..." Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei.


"Lacking a Catholic MM, they have joined up with Dr. FaIwell. For it has been reported that 30 percent of the contributions to MM come from Catholics. We are seeing a POLITICAL ALLIANCE between Roman Catholics and conservative Protestants that could have a PROFOUND IMPACT... [by] Kenneth Baker [Society of Jesus] ." April 20, 1981 Moral Majority Report.

"Historian John Higham of John Hopkins University says the 'increasingly effective alliance' between fundamentalist Protestants and traditionalist Catholics is ONE OF THE MOST SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENTS ON THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SCENE ....the formation of an effective coalition." Church and State, February 1981, p. 8.

"No matter what religion or denomination one belongs to, one is drawn to Pope John Paul II. However we may disagree with him on other matters, he truly becomes the POPE OF OTHER CHRISTIANS who are not Roman Catholic, said the...First Christian Church pastor."–Time, August 11, 1980.

"Pope John Paul II delivered his first 'State of the Church' message .... He detailed steps made to reunite the various branches of the church. 'The dawn of the century that approaches should find us UNITED in full communion." Arizona Republic, June 29, 1980.

Protestants are joining with Rome to unite church and state under papal rule, which is bound by the doctrine of infallibility to the proclamation of Pope Pius IX in his Syllabus that church and state should be united, that its separation is one of "THE PRINCIPAL ERRORS OF OUR TIME."

"The Protestants of the United States will be FOREMOST in stretching their hands across the gulf....TO CLASP HANDS WITH THE ROMAN POWER; and under the influence of this...union; this country will follow in the steps of Rome in trampling on the rights of conscience."–Ellen G. White, Great Controversy, p. 588 (1888).

Yes, "THIS IS NO TIME FOR BAPTISTS AND OTHER LOVERS OF RELIGIOUS LIBERTY TO BE QUIET," but it is time to bring forth an UPROAR OF PROTEST that America may keep church and state separate!!!

Lois I. Roden
Universal Publishing May 1981
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