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That everyone who thirsteth for the truth may obtain it, these publications are, as a Christian service, provided without charge. They levy but one exaction: the soul's obligation to itself to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good. The only strings attached to this free proffer are the golden strands of Eden and the crimson cords of Calvary - the ties that bind.
Benjamin L. Roden



Vol. 2No. 3
Branch Ensign

"And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse,
and a Branch shall grow out of his roots. Isa. 11:1"

In The Light of the 430 Years of Abraham and Ezekiel 4

MEMORY VERSE: "...Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it shall speak, and not lie:..." Hab. 2:2, 3.

STUDY HELP: Branch Lesson No. 2, June 20, 1953

STUDY AIM: To summarize the 430 years according to Ezekiel's prophecy.

INTRODUCTION: "The prophecy by Ezekiel gives the information in detail from the beginning of Luther's reformation to Ezekiel 9, marking of the 144,000, and unrolling of the scroll." 1 S.R. 116.

Questions based on Section 7 of the lesson help, attached to last month's lesson, Vol. 2, #2

1.  Into what two sections did we find Ezekiel's prophecy divided? Eze. 4:5, 6.

2.  In last months lessons what did we find was the beginning of this time? See Introduction.

Note --- "1525 – date people at Worms accepted Protestantism....First (civil) historical record....of Luther's reformation." See Branch Lesson #2:2.

3.  Add to 1525 the 390 years of Ezekiel 4:5 and what do we have?

4.  What happened at this time?

Note --- "The life labors of Ellen White closed on July 16, 1915, at the ripe age of well past eighty-seven years, and she was laid to rest at the side of her husband in the Oak Hill Cemetery at Battle Creek, Michigan." The Spirit of Prophecy Treasure Chest – page 161.

5.  Add to 1915 the 40 years of Eze. 4:6. To where does this bring us?

6.  What did the world do during this time (40 years)? Why?

Answer --- "After Ezekiel had accomplished the 390 days, he was told to turn now to his right side and lie on it 40 days. Unlike the 390 days, he is not to eat anything, but fast the entire forty days,..." 1 S.R. 125:1.

"Church is watered (spiritual light) while the world suffers a drought – (as a result of the S.D.A. rejecting the S.R. Message of Righteousness by Faith from 1930 – 1955) world fasts 40 years from 1915 to 1955." Branch Lesson # 2:2.

7.  What message came in 1955? Zech. 6:11-13.

8.  For what purpose does the Branch come? 1 T.G.r. 8:24:4.

Note --- "1915 + 40 (light given for the church [by S. Rod] while world fasted = 1955 beginning of the movement…..

The Branch, which is to complete the reformation for the church and proclaim the 'Loud Cry' (harvest – Rev. 18:1) – first to the church – then to the world." Branch Lesson # 2:4. [Brackets added]

9.  Which angel did we find brought the message of the Branch (Jesus' new name)? Rev. 18:1.

Note --- "I saw angels hurrying to and fro in heaven, descending to the earth, and again ascending to heaven, preparing for the fulfillment of some important event. Then I saw another mighty angel commissioned to descend to the earth, to unite his voice with the third angel,…The message of the fall of Babylon, as given by the second angel, is repeated,…The work of this angel comes in at the right time…This message seemed to be an addition to the third message joining it as the midnight cry joined the second angel's message in 1844." E.W. 277. emphases added.

In The Light of the 430 Years of Abraham and Ezekiel 4

MEMORY VERSE: "And if ye be Christ's (The Branch – new name – Rev. 3:12), then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." Gal. 3:29. (Paren. Added)

STUDY HELP: Branch Lesson No. 2, June 20, 1958.

STUDY AIM: To summarize the 430 years given to Abraham.

INTRODUCTION: " 'The Exodus Movement is in a way a type (photograph) of the closing work of God under the Advent Movement.' 'Each movement rises in fulfillment of time prophecy.' Certainties of the Advent Movement, by W. A. Spicer. The fact that Israel after the flesh is a type (photograph), their experience must be duplicated by the true, otherwise there can be no type." 1 S.R. 63.

Questions based on Section 8 of the lesson help:

1.  Into what two sections do we find the 430 years given to Abraham are divided? Gen. 15:13; Ex. 12:40.

Note --- "We have first a period of 400 years, and then it was extended to 430 years. We therefore, have a 30 year period to deal with first." 1 S.R. 109:2.

2.  When did the 430 years begin? P.P. 760.

Note --- "The period of four hundred and thirty years dates from the promise given to Abraham when he was commanded to leave Ur of the Chaldees." P.P. 760.

3.  When did the 400 years of sojourning and affliction begin? Gen. 15:13; P.P. 760.

Note --- "While the four hundred years of Gen. 15:13 dates from a later period...This…must be reckoned from thirty years later, about the time when Ishmael, 'he that was born after the flesh, persecuted him (Isaac) that was born after the Spirit.' Gal. 4:29." P.P. 760.

4.  Are the 430 years of Abraham and Ezekiel exactly the same? 1 S.R. 222.

Note --- "While the 430 year period which had to do with Israel in Egypt, and the 430 years of Ezekiel 4:5, 6 run parallel in our time, overlaps the other." 1 S.R. 222.

5.  Do both these periods (430 years) begin at the same time then?

Answer --- "For Abraham's prophecy (being the same length of time, 430 years), to overlap Ezekiel's, it would have to start at a later date." Branch Lesson # 2:5.

6.  What was it that released Israel from Egyptian bondage at the end of the 430 years? Ex.12:3-36.

7.  Where is modern Israel today? 5 Test. 217.

Note --- "The church. Has turned back from following Christ her Leader, and is steadily retreating toward Egypt." 5 Test. 217.

8.  What releases modern Israel from Egyptian bondage at the end of the 430 years?

Answer --- "The smiting of the first born (the priest) SDA will release modern Israel from the bondage of sin (Egpyt)." Branch Lesson # 2:5.

9.  How will know when God's people are to be released from Egypt? 2 T.G. 41:3:3.

Note --- "If it becomes necessary for us to know ahead of time the day and hour of the purification of the church, the anti-typical Passover, we will be told." 2 T.G. 41:3:3.

'It is evident the Lord wants us to know when Ezekiel 9 (antitypical Passover) is, for through the 430 year prophecies it is made known by the antitypical second angel, Revelation 18:1." Branch Lesson # 2:5.

10.  What did the typical Passover point forward to in our time? P.P. 277:1.

Note --- "The Passover was to be both commemorative and typical, not only pointing back to the deliverance from Egypt, but forward to the greater deliverance….from the bondage of sin." P.P. 277:1.

In The Light of the 430 Years of Abraham and Ezekiel 4

MEMORY VERSE: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." Eccl. 3:1.

STUDY HELP: Branch Lesson No. 2, June 20, 1958.

STUDY AIM: To review the points connected with the 430 years given to Abraham and his seed and to understand their application to the Israel of today.

Questions based on Section 8 of the lesson help:

1.  What power is brought to light in the fourth seal shown to John? Rev. 6:8 first part.

Note --- "The rider represents the ruling heads of government. His name is Death...This is a perfect description of the unjust, persecuting Roman power,..." 2 S.R. 211:3.

2.  Over what part of the earth was he to have power? Rev. 6:8 last part.

3.  When would his power be taken from him? 2 S.R. 212.

Note --- "This present world, from creation to its end or the beginning of the millennium, shall number 6,000 years. The pale horse rider was to have power over a fourth part of the earth. We divide 6,000 into four equal parts, and we have 1500 years. Therefore, the cruel and unjust persecution by Rome was to lose its power at the end of the 1500 years or the fourth part." 2 S.R. 212.

4.  What event brought this 1500 years to an end? 2 S.R. 212:2. See Branch Lesson # 2:5:7.

Note --- "...Martin Luther put forth the message, the sword of Truth, at the Diet of Augsburg in 1530, called the Augsburg Confession, and which was signed by twelve governors of west Germany. This act took away the civil power of the pope; hence the wounding of the papal head on the leopard-like beast,..." The Arm of the Lord, page 4:6.

5.  Where was the 430 years of Abraham to bring us to in the antitype? 1 S.R. 116.

Note --- "...the old prophecy (the type) only gives the details from the beginning of the third angel's message to the fulfillment of Eze. 9 (antitypical Passover)." 1 S.R. 116. (2nd Parenthesis added.)

Questions based on Section 9 of the lesson help:

6.  Add 430 years to 1530 and what do we have? Branch Lesson # 2:5.

7.  How many years were there from the Passover in Egypt to the crucifixion of Christ? G.C. 399:3; 1 S.R. 109:2. See Branch Lesson # 2:6 for these quotes.

8.  In the type what length of time was first given to Abraham? Gen. 15:13.

9.  In the antitype add 400 years to 1530, to what year does this bring us?

10.  What came at this time? See Branch Lesson # 2:6.

11.  What was the time given to Abraham extended to? Ex. 12:40.

Note --- "We have first, a period of 400 years, and then it was extended to 430 years." 1 S.R. 109:2.

12.  Adding the difference of 30 years to 1930, what date do we have for the antitypical Passover?

13.  What was instituted at this time? Matt. 26:17-30; Mark 14: 12-25; Luke 22:7-20.

Note ---"The Lord's Supper is the antitypical Passover and is observed at Passover time...and it comes at the end of the 430 year prophetic period of Abraham..." The Harvest, p. 8:10, 11.

14.  Who instituted the Passover (Lord's Supper) at this time?

Note --- "Therefore, Inspiration (The BRANCH) COMMANDS THE INSTITUTION OF THE LORD'S SUPPER AT PASSOVER..." The Three Harvest Feasts, August 27, 1959, page 4.


MEMORY VERSE: "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Tim. 2:15.

STUDY AIM: To learn what the messages of Revival and Reformation are and how we can obtain them today.

INTRODUCTION: "In every age there is a new development of truth, a message of God to the people of that generation. The old truths are all essential; new truth is not independent of the old, but an unfolding of it. It is only as the old truths are understood that we can comprehend the new." C.O.L. 129:2, 1923 ed. or 127:4, 1941 ed.

1.  In 1888 what messages came to the Seventh-day Adventist church? Rev. 7:1-3; 18:1.

Note ---"There are two messages, two additions to the Third Angel's message which shows quickly that there will likewise be two messengers, inspired ones, to give the messages.....This is indicated from the fact that God sent Elders Waggoner and Jones in 1833 with these same messages." The Atonement and Passover Feast, page 5.

2.  How was the message of the Righteousness of Christ received at that time? C.O.R. 47.

Note --- "The message (in 1888) has never been received, nor proclaimed, nor given free course as it should have been..." C.O.R. 47 (Paren. added). See T.M. 79:3; 80:0 quoted inside back cover.

"In 1888 at the General Conference held in Minneapolis, Minn., the angel of Rev. 18:1 came down to do his work, and was ridiculed, criticized, and rejected. And when the message he brings again swells into a loud cry it will again be ridiculed, spoken against, and rejected by the majority." Taking up a Reproach, by Mrs. E.G. White.

3.  When did these two messages and messengers come again? 1 S.R. 32.

Note --- "1930 – NEW JERUSALEM –- represents message of Rev. 7:1-8, (Shepherd's Rod) the Kingdom: --- SEAL NO. 2.

"1955 – JESUS' NEW NAME (Branch) --- represents the message of Rev. 18:1 --- SEAL NO. 3." The Mighty Angel of Revelation 18:1, page 4:2, 3. (Paren. added)

4.  How only can we obtain the Righteousness of Christ? C.O.R. 98.

Note --- "Christ has become our sacrifice and surety. He has become sin for us, that we mighty become the righteousness of God in Him. Through faith in His name (The Branch in the time of the Judgment of the Living) He imputes unto us His righteousness, and (through obedience to present truth) it becomes 'a living principle in our life.'. .." C.O.R. 98. (Emph. & Paren. ours)

5.  How must Christ be presented to the people? 6 Test. 20, 21.

6.  Where do we find Christ as the sin-bearer and sin pardoning Saviour? Zech. 3:1-4.

Note --- "The work of Christ as man's intercessor is presented in that beautiful prophecy of Zechariah concerning Him 'whose name is the Branch'." G.C. 415.

7.  How do we show that the message is having effect in our lives and that we are overcoming sin? 2 T.G. 37:24.

Note --- "Your obeying 'all the commandments, and the statutes, and the judgments' of the moral law of Moses, you see, is your evidence that you have been born again, that you have been endowed with power from above, that you are enabled to choose the good and to refuse the evil, that you are the children of God. Keeping the commandments and the statutes in the Lord, (as revealed through the Branch) then, is the light and shield of your life. It is the outward sign that by the life of Christ you have overcome the Enemy of your soul and body. This system of worship, therefore, is truly the Righteousness by faith that brings the righteousness of Christ in the people of God." 2 T.G. 37:24. (Emph. & Paren. added)

In The Light of the 430 Years of Abraham and Ezekiel 4

MEMORY VERSE: "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:" John 1:12.

STUDY HELP: Branch Lesson No. 2, June 20, 1958.

STUDY AIM: To bring forth the main points of the Branch Lesson No. 2, which we have been studying for the last two months.

INTRODUCTION: "Feed thy people with thy rod, the flock of thine heritage, which dwell solitarily in the wood, in the midst of Carmel: let them feed in Bashan and Gilead, as in the days of old. According to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt (430 years) will I shew unto him marvelous things." Micah 7:14, 15. (Paren. added)

1.  What did we find was the difference between Revival and Reformation? Branch Lesson # 2:1, 2.

2.  Into what two parts was the 430 years of Ezekiel 4 divided? Branch Lesson # 2:2, 4.

3.  Was the 430 years given to Abraham divided the same way? How was it divided? Branch Lesson # 2:4.

4.  What were the 3 dates which began the 430 year periods in the antitype? Branch Lesson # 2:4, 5.

5.  What were the 3 main events in Luther's life which affected the Reformation? Branch Lesson # 2:2, 5.

Note --- "1500 – The year Luther discovered the Bible, commencing revival in his own life to prepare him for the work of the Reformation. (2 T.G.r. 39:18; 1 S.R. 109:1)
1525 – The beginning of Luther's Reformation – when Luther had a following: the city of Worms having accepted the Reform faith. (Funk & Wagnall's Enc. under 'Worms')" Branch Lesson # 3:1.
Luther a Catholic Priest married a nun – Katherine Von Bora – which automatically severed his connection with Rome.
"1530 – The time the Protestant confession of faith was drawn up: The Augsburg Confession – when read before the Diet of Augsburg, gave the crushing blow to the Papacy, causing the infliction of the 'deadly wound'. (1 S.R. 109:2 & 2 S.R. 212-213)" Branch Lesson # 3:1.

6.  Why were there 3 periods of 430 years in the antitype when there are only 2 prophecies?

Note --- Remember God's heritage were to feed in three places – namely Carmel, Bashan, and Gilead. See Micah 7:14, 15; Jer. 50:19; Isa. 33:9-14 – Harvest – Purification.

7.  What 3 events marked the close of the 430 year prophecies? Branch Lesson # 2:4, 5.

8.  In 1955 began the marking time of the 144,000, what is this time also called? Branch Lesson # 2:3, 4.

9.  How do we receive the mark? Branch Lesson # 2:3.

Note --- "Those who receive the pure mark of truth, wrought in them by the power of the Holy Ghost, represented by a mark by the man in linen, are those 'that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done' in the church." 3 Test. 267:0.

10.  What 3 seals constitute the mark? Branch Lesson # 2:3, 4.

11.  What message came at the beginning of the marking time? Branch Lesson # 2:4.

12.  What is the fulfillment of Eze. 9 at the end of the 430 years? Branch Lesson # 2:5, 6.

13.  How do the 430 and the 1500 years line up in the type and the antitype? Branch Lesson # 2:6.

14.  What important work should be done at this time? Branch Lesson # 2:6.

15.  Having rejected the messages of Righteousness once in 1888, what must we do to make sure we do not do the same when the messages come again? Branch Lesson # 2:7.

Lesson 13 page 2

Note --- "When a message comes in the name of the Lord to His people, no one may excuse himself from an investigation of its claims." T.S.S.W. 65.

"...when the messengers of truth shall come,...accept the message and respect the messenger." 6 Test. 420:3.

"…the true sheep will hear the true Shepherd's voice." 6 Test. 401:0.

16.  What will be the sign that we have accepted the message and that it is taking effect in our hearts? 2 T.G. 37:24. Quoted in lesson 12 – last note.



Various groups have been away from New Mt. Carmel over the past six weeks covering camp meetings in the Northern and Central States. Two new tracts have been prepared especially for the S.D.A. camp meetings this year.

Consequently, the overdue S.S. Lessons are being mailed now, and next month's will soon follow.

The new moon for the month of July will be on Sunday the 9th, beginning the evening before. May God bless all who faithfully observe these holy days.

All eyes are on the Middle East war at the present time. The events of the last three weeks are very significant to God's people.

"Clearly, then, the kingdom of Judah is set up in time of war and turmoil." 1 T.G.r. 24:13:1.

Since the Lord has planted the "tender one" – Branch (see Eze. 17:22-24) in the mountain of Israel, the next advanced step of the Kingdom will be the Lord's feet standing on the Mount of Olives.

The all important thing therefore, is for the people of God to receive the seal of the new name of our Lord the Branch, by the marking man in linen of Eze. 9:3, 4 that "Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the Lord shall bring again Zion. Break forth into joy, sing together, ye waste places of Jerusalem: for the Lord hath comforted his people, he hath redeemed Jerusalem" Isa. 52:8, 9.

Time is short "get ready, get ready!"


"The perils of the last days are upon us. Satan takes the control of every mind that is not decidedly under the control of the Spirit of God. Some have been cultivating hatred against the men whom God has commissioned to bear a special message to the world. They began this satanic work at Minneapolis. Afterward, when they saw and felt the demonstration of the Holy Spirit testifying that the message was of God, they hated it the more, because it was a testimony against them. They would not humble their hearts to repent, to give God the glory, and vindicate the right. They went on in their own spirit, filled with envy, jealousy, and evil surmisings, as did the Jews. They opened their hearts to the enemy of God and man. Yet these men have been holding positions of trust, and have been molding the work after their own similitude, as far as they possibly could…." Testimonies to Ministers, page 79:3-80:0.




Jerusalem the golden,

With milk and honey blest,

Beneath thy contemplation

Sink heart and voice oppressed.

I know not, O I know not

What holy joys are there;

What radiancy of glory,

What bliss beyond compare.


They stand, those halls of Zion,

All jubilant with song,

And bright with many an angel,

And all the martyr throng.

The Prince is ever in them,

The daylight is serene;

The pastures of the blessed

Are decked in glorious sheen.


There is the throne of David,

And there, from care released,

The song of them that triumph,

The shout of them that feast;

And they who, with their Leader,

Have conquered in the fight,

Forever and forever

Are clad in robes of white.


O sweet and blessed country,

The home of God's elect!

O Sweet and blessed country,

That eager hearts expect!

The BRANCH, in mercy brings us

To that dear land of rest;

Who art, with God the Father

And Spirit, ever blest.

---Gospel Melodies 196; and Church Hymnal 300. (underlined words ours)

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