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Shekinah Magazine

SHEKINAH, Second Anniversary Edition 29

Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Kitchener, Ontario, Saturday, February 21, 1981

Lois Roden

U.S. Woman sees

Holy Spirit

as female figure


. . . talks today at UW

When Lois Roden prays, she says, "Our Mother who art in heaven."

When she talks of the coming of the second Messiah, she talks about a woman.

She sounds like a rebellious young theology student, but this Texas-based promoter of the female deity is a 64-year-old grandmother, an exile of the Seventh Day Adventist Church who believes the Holy Spirit is a feminine image of God.

President of the Branch Church, a breakaway of the Seventh Day church, Roden will be delivering lectures on her revelation at the University of Waterloo's Campus Centre Room 110 today at 3 p.m. and again on Sunday at the same time.

Roden says the feminine Holy Spirit creates a Trinity that is a family and thus a force that can be far more positive than the all-male idea of God that has been preached for so long.

"It's enhanced my faith. It's given me a complete picture of the Godhead. Heretofore we've only had a partial view of the Godhead," she said in an interview Friday in Kitchener.

The fostering of the all-male God by the mostly male-led Christian churches for the past 2,000 years has meant that complete knowledge of God has been withheld for that time.

Roden, through the Branch Church – founded by her late husband in 1955 – and her many publications and tapes, is trying to right that wrong.

"It's good news for men and women. That's what I like about it. It gives a balanced picture. It equalizes things. God is male and female."

Without the positive image of God as a family of mother, father and son, many people have suffered, she said. And it has led to what she calls perversion and homosexuality, Roden said.


Record Staff Writer

"Homosexuality is a result of the churches misrepresenting God," she said.

"This is a great reformation in religion," she said of what has really become a non-denominational movement to recognize the femininity of God.

The reformation began in 1977 when Roden, an ordained minister in the church, was teaching a Bible class and suddenly had the revelation that the Holy Spirit was a female.

People around her first thought she had lost her mind. The concept was so new to her that there were times when she wondered if they were right.

The opposition to her feminine concept of God was so strong, particularly from the males in her congregation in Waco, Texas, that she was becoming increasingly frustrated.

But then she says she had a vision of a shimmering silver angel with a feminine form. From then on she was convinced she was right. And once she began publishing her ideas in her magazines, In Her Image and Shekinah, she began to hear from scholars and feminists all over the world who agreed with her.

Roden can literally quote hundreds of Bible passages to prove her point that God is at least partly female. But the basis for her revelation is the Book of Genesis where it says, "Let us make men in our own image, male and female."

Since God in this case is clearly plural and mankind is made female as well as male, Roden deduces that God must be both male and female.

In order to help the rest of us learn that the Holy Spirit is a feminine image, that God is part female and that the Trinity is a family, Roden and her followers, which number somewhere in the thousands, including about 50 in Canada, have gone to great lengths.

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