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That everyone who thirsteth for the truth may obtain it, these publications are, as a Christian service, provided without charge. They levy but one exaction: the soul's obligation to itself to prove all things and hold fast to that which is good. The only strings attached to this free proffer are the golden strands of Eden and the crimson cords of Calvary - the ties that bind.

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Dear Pr. Mitchell,

Much Christian greetings. Sorry for not getting back as you expected. I am happy to inform you that God has helped us clear the customs demands and thanks for the safe arrival of the spiritual books. The delay of getting the books is due to us traveling to the western part of Kenya as I informed you. It was 422 kilometers away from our homes. We used the little we had, which God blessed, making the postal to retain for so long.

After a quick look, we have seen that they are of much value to enrich Christian lives. To this material, we know you have used a lot of money to gather them from the publishers and mailing them to us. May our Lord God continue to fill your containers always. May I not read only and finally at the end lose my life, but may God help me and the others to understand the Gospel in His Fullness so that we may attain to everlasting life as in Phil. 3:7-11.

Continue praying for us especially those who are ministering. May God give them Wisdom and help their families as they are devotedly serving the Living God. We also ask the Lord to open a wonderful way to align these messages in order that the work in God's vineyard can be accomplished. Help us in teachings and also plan for us and with us by joining Hands together. Hence the truth is to be mixed with the truth so as to come to the point of Rev. 6:14 which is based on believers. The true believer will rejoice to see the second coming of the Lord. Amen. – Pr. _________... Kenya, East Africa (posted 12-06-06)

We have prayed the Shema prayer for many years now in our messianic synagogue--"Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is One" (Deut 6:4). This verse is the heart of the Jewish people but the Branch message brings new depth to it.

...Most people accept the one definition of "Echad" for "one" as "first" or "one" in number. This is another meaning for one in Hebrew that is hidden to most eyes for now but when eyes are opened this is the one that will reach out and grab and never let go--it is still sounding in my ears ever since reading it:

One is from the root word "Hithpael" and it means to ravage with united powers--one interpreter regards the words of this verse as being those of a military commander "Fall together! right! to your post! left!

Think of it. The whole family in heaven fighting for us, united in one purpose--our redemption. The thought of the Father and the Son united for our salvation was humbling enough but the thought of four of them is just what I wrote--truly, a double portion. ... Missouri, USA (posted 2-20-06)

We have been devouring the studies that we have gotten from the website and from Sister ____. It is really amazing information, and a real blessing to our souls. It is as exciting as when we first discovered the Shepherd's Rod Message." ... Missouri, USA (posted 2-15-06)

Thank you for the beautiful and scholarly articles on the Ruach HaKodesh. It is an amazing truth about Her femininity. For the longest time, something disturbed me about the "Godhead", but I couldn't quite pinpoint it. One day while I was reading the New Testament somewhere, I came across a passage about the Holy Spirit that didn't have any accompanying pronouns, and I wondered, "Is the Holy Spirit feminine?-- if so, then everything would make sense..." So I kept reading, and much to my disappointment, in the rest of my Bible, She was described with masculine pronouns. So reluctantly, thinking I was being obedient, I went back to my old way of thinking. A few months later I came across a website by this group: [....] Perhaps there was hope after all, but why hadn't anyone ever said this before? Surely if this was Biblically sound, someone else would have come to the same conclusion.

Then I came across this article: [....] I felt elated at the soundness of the idea, and anger at the many who through the ages have concealed the truth and basically lied about the Ruach HaKodesh. And later on I found these two articles: [...., ....] Yes!!! and then your articles! Now everything makes sense! And there is a significant (albeit small) multitude of council who hold to this Truth.

But I've also noticed a disturbing trend. There are also many cultic, feminist, new age and occultic groups that are trying to hijack this Treasure (unfortunately mainstream Christianity has paved the way for this crime). It is pivotal that like-minded believers reinforce each other on the issue of Her gender, so as to bring this desperately needed Truth to the misinformed and the lost.

I am wondering, are there others who experienced a similar "tugging" in the direction of Her Truth as I did? It seems like there could be a restoration of sorts stirring about.

Also, Is there a gender corrected version of the Bible where the Ruach HaKodesh is refered to in the femine? Is there a version that has the Names of YHWH such as "Eloah", "Elohim"," Shaddai" restored? If there aren't any such version(s), what is the most accurate and most effecient way of correcting my own Bible (I currently use the Complete Jewish Bible-- it has some of the names of YHWH corrected, but still many passages are not.) ...Chris (posted 2-12-06)

With all this push by the 1-2% sodomite population for "same-sex marriages" I cannot help but wonder: Did mainstream Christianity pave the way? All these years, all these decades, all these centuries, Biblical scholars, university professors, and seminary professors knew the Hebrew gender indications for the Blessed Ruach Hakodesh, yet they by in large kept silent, not wanting to rock the boat, not wanting to change the status quo, not wanting to lose tenure-- so millions of believers have been and are kept in the dark on this. Now in this most recent decade, Christians say "the Bible says marriage is between man and woman," yet many still insist (mostly from ignorance) on the wrong gender for our Heavenly Mother. So in all actuality what they are portraying (probably unknowingly) is that heterosexual marriage is good, but homosexual is even better. By misinforming the masses about our Heavenly Mother, those in the know, in one fell swoop, have seemingly knocked out Biblical basis for opposing "same sex" marriage. ...Chris (posted 2-12-06)

I have [been] basquing in the love and glow of His Spirit....My soul is delighted beyond words...but I know He/She can read my heart which is overflowing with gratitude, love, mercy, forgiveness, longsuffering, repentence and I'm sure so much more I cannot find words for. I feel that I am higher than the earth and looking back and not desiring to return there....for I only want to be higher and higher and never come back.....I desire for all my loved ones to come to the supper of the Lamb and His Bride....I am praying for Him/Her to open doors into their hearts that they may be ready to hear and also basque in His/Her glory.....may we each reach higher each day for we will soon be there is my prayer for each of you.... LRN, USA (posted 12-16-05)

I heard this message 1st in 1997, I was taken away by it. The Bible was understood like never before. The world was seen in a different light. My burdens were lighter, my aspirations brighter, my intellect sharper. I was on a higher plane than I have found my feet were on a higher ground, AND because of who (Koresh) this message is associated with, I was ridiculed like never before. Yet because My Father in Heaven loves me. This messages has been troubling my mind while I went about trying to be nonchalant about it. I'm now observing Passover again after about 6 years, and have before me plenty of information that will better help me have Christ as my righteousness that my worship would be acceptable and I may be saved. I hope to hear from someone near Maryland. (posted 4-23-05)

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